Kim Kardashian Watch Line

Kim Kardashian Watches The glamorous Kim Kardashian launched her beautiful collection of signature watches in partnership with Brissmor Company. Mrketing company TLK Fusion worked with Kim and Brissmor to design and develop a signature collection of watches.

Kim Kardashian's Watch collection reflects an image which is precisely fashionable and upscale. The Kim Kardashian watches are beautifully designed and reflect a look of luxury and style. They are set at an affordable price for the average Kim Kardashian fan.

The Kim Kardashian premier Signature Watch Collection will soon be available online for purchase and at major store worldwide in early 2011. Kim launched her watch collection at at The Whisper Lounge at The Grove Shopping Center in Los Angeles, California in December 2010.

Kim Kardashian unveils of her Watch Collection

Kim Kardashian Watch Line Kim Kardashian Watch Line Kim Kardashian Watch Line