The Skechers ShapeUps Super Bowl Commercial

Kim Kardashian will star in a 2011 Skechers ShapeUps Super Bowl Commercial. It is expected to be aired during the Super Bowl game. The video ad will be posted here.

Video Commercial

Kim Kardashian Super Bowl adOn January 10, 2011, Kim Kardashian announced that she was busy filming an ad for the 2011 Super Bowl show. The commerical is being filmed for the footwear shop Skechers, and that she will wearing Skechers shoes in the commercial.

While keeping detail in wrap, she posted on her website that she was very excited to star in the commerical. She added that it was tremendous honor for her to star in a Super Bowl commercial.

"When I was younger I used to love the Pepsi ads from the 1990s starring Cindy Crawford… so sexy," Kim wrote.

It is said that the ad is very provocative. Kim has said that there were a lot of sweat filming the advertisement