Kourtney and Kim Take New York (2011)

Kourtney and Kim Take New YorkIn the premiere episode, veteran businesswomen Kourtney and Kim arrive in New York City ready to get to work on the construction and opening of their third DASH store – the most glamorous one to date. However, the sisters are a bit overwhelmed when they learn that things aren’t going according to plan. Meanwhile, Kourtney is thrilled to have Scott join her in his home state, and contemplates having him move into her hotel suite, much to Kim’s chagrin. But single-in-the-city Kim is excited to get a romance of her own started, and when she spots an old friend during a night out on the town, sparks fly. But his actions leave Kim wondering if his motives are pure.

Also this season, mom Kris sees red when Kim finally agrees to make a red carpet appearance at an event Scott is organizing. When Kris reads Scott the riot act, Kim is finally forced to stand up to her mother. In another episode, Kim and her pal Simon produce an “It Gets Better” video in response to the bullying of GLBT students.

Kourtney Kardashian and Kim Kardashian“Kourtney and Kim Take New York” will also include a familiar and very handsome face from “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” Kim’s sexy former bodyguard, Shengo. Kim gets an email from Shengo, and the idea of exploring their mutual attraction makes her excited to see him again. But Kourtney isn’t so sure Kim will be able to keep herself from turning a casual situation into a full-blown romance. Later, Kim decides that photos she’s done for a magazine shoot are a bit too provocative, but unfortunately, they’ve already gone to print!

Kourtney is proud that Scott has made progress in managing his anger, but when he defends Kim during a bar fight, Kourtney immediately jumps to the wrong conclusion and believes he’s reverting to his old habits. Always one to be dapper, Scott also starts spending far beyond his budget in an attempt to emulate his wealthy employer. However, when he puts himself in the red by dropping $250,000 on a new Rolls Royce, Kourtney draws the line.

Later in the season, as the ladies prepare to return to Las Vegas for Kim’s 30th birthday bash, Scott wonders if he can maintain his sobriety in the same city where he ruined Kim’s last birthday. Kim has other things on her mind – with her 30th birthday looming large before her, she creates a “30 by 30? bucket list to cheer herself up over the fact she will be entering the third decade of her life. But Kim’s list isn’t to Kourtney’s liking. She makes it her mission to pull Kim out of her comfort zone and into something wild and crazy before she marks the big 3-0.